Resource List of Full Preterist Teachers

Full Preterist Websites and Podcast URLs

(Compiled by T. Everett Denton; links last checked July 2019.)

(My sharing this list does NOT mean I endorse everything taught in these sites!)


T. Everett Denton:


Ken Davies:


William Bell:


David Curtis:


Don K. Preston:


Garry Parrish:


Mike Nichols:


Richard Joseph:


Jesse Mills:


Ed Ferner:


Todd Dennis:


Kurt Simmons:


Virgil Vaduva:


Chuck Coty:


Ron McRay:


Ward Fenley:


Brian Martin:


Doug King:


JP Maxwell:


Frank Beffert:


Ed Stevens:


David Green:


Mike Sullivan:


Tim Martin:


Weatherford, TX:




Phillip Schmidt:


Charles Hallford:


Don Preston & William Bell:



Riley O’Brien Powell:


Gary Amirault:


Charles Meek:


Eddie Hassertt:


John Scargy:


Cody Miles:


Michael Miano:


Allyn Morton:


Adam Maarschalk:


Shekinah of Glory Ministries:


Terry Cropper:


Thomas K. Burk:


Rob Pike:


Chuck Crisco:


Jonathan Mitchell:


Daniel Morais:


Rick Cassidy:


Todd Diezsi:


Ryan McKittrick (became an Israel-Only preterist in 2018)


Lee Jensen:


Cecil Hook:


Greg Simon:


Jack Pelham:


Rod MacArthur:


Shawn McCraney:


Travis Finley:


Daniel Rogers:


Simon Yap:


John Noe:


Jerry Henson:



Sam Dawson


David McConnell:


Dan Dery:


Mati Usaladya & Tim Liwanag:


Evangelos Kepenes:


Marcus Hall:


Glen Edmiston:


Thracia Gharst:







William Bell:


Cindye Coates:

David Curtis:

Travis Finley:

Ryan McKittrick (became “IO” in 2018):

Michael Miano:

Don Preston:

Shawn McCraney:


Rob Pike:


Daniel Rogers:


Micah Stephens:


Adam Maarschalk:


Kelly Birks:


T. J. Smith:


T. Everett Denton:


Bob Nolan:


Scott Fisher:


Tom Mills:


John Watson:


Dan Dery:


Don Stevens:



Frank Speer:


Roy Runyon:


Bill Hanshew:


4 thoughts on “Resource List of Full Preterist Teachers

Add yours

  1. Mr. King,
    Good day. I am a “fan” of your’s. Actually, I am a pastor in southern WV who underwent a major theological change about 6 years ago that resulted in the loss of about 90% of the congregation as I came to see much of what you blog and provide. Amazingly, I still hold the pastorate. I have noticed that you FB site is no longer available…so, I miss your regular articles and contributions. Is “DK’s Goldmine” your only site? Do you plan to return to FB? Would love more of your insight.


    1. Hey Arville, thanks for the encouragement and kind words! Right now, DK goldmine, YouTube and Instagram (davidking588) are my main outlets. I do plan to return to FB but it’ll be a while. Thanks again brother.


      1. You are most welcome David. I do not do Instagram, so I will stick with DK Goldmine and YouTube…and watch for your FB to return. One last item and I will not bother you again…do you have a resource, perhaps your own, that gives a contextual understanding of Revelation…sort of a preterist bible?
        Thanks again…and keep up the work of the Lord my friend.


      2. Hey Arville, definitely connect with the Revelation Revealed Youtube channel. Most commentaries on Revelation are ‘meat and bone’ studies. I don’t believe there is any single commentary out there that’s one hundred percent accurate. I have one expensive series from a Partial Preterist that did an excellent job opening the patterns of the book up, but he jumps ship, imo, when it comes to his conclusions regarding the ‘second coming’, ‘millennial reign’, and the ‘final judgement’. I could send you a free copy of the first half of his series ($100 on amazon), but the second half was $70 and I haven’t quite figured out how to convert amazon books to make them sharable, otherwise I could send it as well.


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