Did the New Covenant end in ad70? (Popular anti-IO StrawMan Argument)

Popular anti-IO straw-man argument:

Opposers of IO falsely claim the IO stance is that the New Covenant ended when the Old Covenant ended.

“”Covenant IO” is where you have both covenants and their creations ceasing to exist simultaneously.”

IO doesn’t claim Jesus’ New Covenant (the Kingdom) ceased.

IO does claim that it only existed for those who were already in it in the first century. Only the 144k (remnant of the 12 tribes).

It would be an “eternal covenant” for the 144k.

Just to be clear:

IO does NOT claim the NC ended in ad70.

IO DOES claim that nobody beyond that story entered the NC.

According to Romans 11:26-27 and Heb 8:8, Christ’s new covenant was made with and for those who had been under the old covenant.

(Author of Hebrews quoting Jer31:31 as a reference for what was happening to them in the first century)

Heb 8:8 For he finds fault with them when he says: “Behold, the days are coming, declares the Lord, when I will establish a NEW COVENANT with the HOUSE OF ISRAEL (the northern kingdom) and with the HOUSE OF JUDAH (the southern kingdom),

IO claims the New Covenant was only with the 2 houses of Israel. The remnant of the 12 tribes called the 144k.

IO claims the modern church is a counterfeit religion that ignorantly missed the memo that they’re not part of the New Covenant story.


2 thoughts on “Did the New Covenant end in ad70? (Popular anti-IO StrawMan Argument)

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    1. Hi Ramona, the new testament narrative speaks about YHVH calling an elected remnant out from the 12 tribes (the 144k) to be the new covenant members. I don’t believe the story was about an open invitation for any Joe Blow to join that new covenant. We see the 144k at the end of the story as being the ‘only ones redeemed from the earth/land” (Rev14). I believe they were the only ones to go to heaven in that story.


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