ISRAEL ONLY: What was a Jew?

What was a Jew?

Jew = practicer of Judaism.


a Religion of observing Torah that was based out of the southern kingdom, the house of Judah. The house of Judah were those of Israel who still had Torah.

Anyone who wasn’t a Jew (a practicer of Judaism) was called the nations(gentiles). That included random non-Jewish people AND non-Jewish scattered Israelites out in the nations.

Jew was a covenant word, but was based out of the house of Judah (those that still had the covenant).

Paul’s audience were the Israelites who did not have the Torah.

Paul’s audience:

non-Jew Israelites

northern kingdom,

10 northern tribes

House of Israel (or Ephraim)

ancestors were ‘cut off’ by the Law because they broke it,

no longer had the Law (yhvh only gave his laws to people he was in covenant with)

did not observe the law,

therefore did not have YHVH.

went into idolatry

called the uncircumcision

the far off (mentioned in Eph2)

divorced around the time Assyria invaded in 721bc, but promised to remarry in Hosea 1 which was fulfilled in Jesus’ generation.

called ‘gentiles’ (or nations or peoples) by the Jews

A video about who the “far off” were that were mentioned in Eph2:


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