ISRAEL ONLY: Ephesians 2:15 is not about all of humanity.

Eph2 is not about “humanity”. It was about the regathered remnant of the 2 houses. It’s not “one new humanity”. It’s “one new (covenant) man”. You had the “old man” and the “new man”. It was corporate language meaning “old covenant man” and “new covenant man”. When an Israelite moved from the Old Covenant into... Continue Reading →


Dating the Book of Revelation: AD60’s vs AD96

AD60’s vs AD96 There are two camps out there that debate for the dating of the authorship of the book of Revelation. The sizes of the camps are very similar. Most scholars and historians that I read from state either the early date or, if it was written on the later date, was written about... Continue Reading →

ISRAEL ONLY: What was a Jew?

What was a Jew? Jew = practicer of Judaism. Judaism: a Religion of observing Torah that was based out of the southern kingdom, the house of Judah. The house of Judah were those of Israel who still had Torah. Anyone who wasn’t a Jew (a practicer of Judaism) was called the nations(gentiles). That included random... Continue Reading →

Greek ‘Mello’ means ‘about to’

My new favorite Greek word right now: Mello 3195. melló = (is)(are) ABOUT TO (urgency, very soon) My opinion is that they left this word out of most translations because it didn't fit the futurism paradigm. 3195 méllō – properly, at the very point of acting; ready, "about to happen." 3195 (méllō) is used "in... Continue Reading →

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