How can you leave Christianity? Did you not know Jesus?

I've received this question from several people that I highly respect and wanted to create something that would be easier to share. Friend: How can you leave Christianity? Did you not know Jesus? Response: Regarding Jesus, the story said he was a Messiah sent for the covenant world of Israel. The cross was all about... Continue Reading →


Did Ancient Greeks Invent Heaven & Hell? (by Bart Ehrman)

This is a blog from Bart Ehrman's website Paid membership is required at the site and all proceeds go to charity. My reason to share the blog was to bring out how the concept of everyone going to the same place, but having different experiences within that that, slowly evolved into being two separate... Continue Reading →

ISRAEL ONLY: Hebrews 9:27 ‘appointed to die once, then judgment’

Heb9:27 (men appointed to be judged after death) Notes before reading: Kosmos/world was used to describe Old Covenant Israel as a whole. Here's a link for details: context of the book of Hebrews is about the 2 covenants. The old Mosaic Covenant and the New Messianic Covenant.The purpose of the cross had to do... Continue Reading →

My Road of Deconstruction

I've been asked several times recently WHY I would turn from Christianity and seek something different? . I'll try to spell things out quickly below. My Road of Deconstruction: 1. Learned all of the prophetic parts of scripture happened in the first century to the people the letters were actually written to. (It was a... Continue Reading →

The Meaning of ‘in Christ’.

IN CHRIST To be 'in Christ' simply meant for them to be 'in the New Covenant'. It was covenant language. Isaiah 4 26 “I, the Lord, have called you (Jesus) in righteousness; I will take hold of your (Jesus') hand. I will keep you and WILL MAKE YOU (Jesus) TO BE A COVENANT FOR THE... Continue Reading →

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