Difference Between a JEW and an ISRAELITE

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN JEWS & ISRAELITES Israelites make up ALL of Israel. ALL 12 tribes.Jews are only a sect of the Israelites. Jew = practicer of Judaism. Not all of Israel were observing the Mosaic Law (practicing Judaism). You've got two houses: 1. House of Judah JEWSsouthern tribessouthern kingdomsometimes called house of Israel between the exile... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on the Mark of the Beast

I’ll share two different stances regarding the mark of the beast. First, the mainstream one which I do not agree with. Second, my own stance. 1. Nero as the beast from the sea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vn6nS720-oU Start this video from the 25 minute mark and you’ll get some interesting information from Dr Jonathan Welton regarding the mark... Continue Reading →

Resource List of Full Preterist Teachers

Full Preterist Websites and Podcast URLs (Compiled by T. Everett Denton; links last checked July 2019.) (My sharing this list does NOT mean I endorse everything taught in these sites!)   T. Everett Denton: http://ASiteForTheLord.com/   Ken Davies: http://beyondtheendtimes.com/   William Bell: http://www.allthingsfulfilled.com/   David Curtis: http://www.bereanbiblechurch.org/   Don K. Preston: http://www.bibleprophecy.com/ http://eschatology.org/ http://donkpreston.com   Garry Parrish:... Continue Reading →

Teacher Test

Teacher Test 5 quick basic “when” questions you can use to gauge a teacher’s understanding of the New Testament: 1. When did the Old Covenant fully end? (If they say “the cross”, then find a new teacher.) 2. When did the New Covenant fully begin? (If they say “the cross”, then find a new teacher.)... Continue Reading →

ISRAEL ONLY: What was a Jew?

What was a Jew? Jew = practicer of Judaism. Judaism: a Religion of observing Torah that was based out of the southern kingdom, the house of Judah. The house of Judah were those of Israel who still had Torah. Anyone who wasn’t a Jew (a practicer of Judaism) was called the nations(gentiles). That included random... Continue Reading →

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