Dear Atheist “Why don’t you believe in god?”

“Dear atheists, tell me why you believe God doesn’t exist.” DK: Well it starts by separating “God” from “Yahweh” of the Bible. Next you notice there’s no way to test or prove the existence of Yahweh vs all other claimed gods. Then you notice there’s really no way to prove the existence of “God” either... Continue Reading →

Why Do I Oppose Christianity? (and the other Abrahamic religions?)

I was a passionate believer who devoted my life to the Christian religion. Now that I’ve escaped the tradition I tend to get a little heated when believers refuse to own up to the immorality of their god. (Slavery & concubines, mass genocide, oppression of women, oppression of general believers, and so on.) “Millions of... Continue Reading →

90:10 Work Ratio

Culture of struggle There’s a cultural conditioning among our people that deceives us into thinking the 90:10 work ratio is normal. Spend 90% of your life energy in survival mode, making money to cover bills and debts, paycheck to paycheck, and then spend 10% of your time living. The 90% includes the grind of struggling... Continue Reading →

Something From Nothing

“Prove that something can come from nothing.” DK: The requirement for proof is your responsibility, not mine. I’m not claiming a god did anything and am ok with not making up answers. Making up any answer doesn’t mean it’s the correct answer. It’s still a made up lie. “Something can arise from nothingness” Isn’t that... Continue Reading →

Morality: Quick Summary

Morality Morality does NOT come from religion.Morality does NOT come from Christianity.It does NOT come from Yahweh or Jesus.Morality does NOT come from the Bible. It’s simply a learned and taught human behavior. It’s Philosophy that is refined over time. We as humans with self dignity have learned what works and what doesn’t work to... Continue Reading →

Dear Frank Turek

Someone needs to give these bullet points to Frank: “If there’s no hell then..” What was the purpose of Jesus? To create the new covenant for the 144k.What are WE saved from? Nothing. WE aren’t part of the story.Ransom: It was for the sins of the 12 tribes committed under the first covenant. (Heb9:15) The... Continue Reading →


Dopamine The trillion dollar topic is… dopamine. Too much, and you’ll get depressed.Too little, and you’ll get depressed. Dancing that fine line of homeostasis requires knowledge and practice. Have you ever heard of a Dopamine Detox? Ever notice how rockstars start out happy then get crazy depressed? Some committing suicide? Why do you think that... Continue Reading →

Where do atheists get their morals?

Christian: If I say Murdering Hispanics is ok. What, other than your opinion are you going to make a moral stance opposed to that based on? Real Life: Ethics and empathy. Morality is a cultural construct. (Kind of like religion is a cultural construct) That’s why it’s different in different cultures and there isn’t a... Continue Reading →

Masturbation Jokes

Come again? This is a touchy subject isn’t it? What does the Bible have to say about Jacking the beanstalk? Eccles 9:10 Whatever your hand finds to do--do [it] with [all] your might; Ah ok. I have not been feeling myself lately. Thanks for the advice, Bible. (Memes for you to share on religious prudes’... Continue Reading →

Four Corners of the Earth

What are the four corners of the earth? Why would the Bible say it that way when the earth is round? It’s usually referring to how far the Israelites would be scattered. To every nation of the known world during that time. “To the ends of the north south east and west” Remember they were... Continue Reading →

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